random facts

Thursday, July 31, 2008 @ 06:49pm

  1. i don’t like seafood… except for shrimp.
  2. i don’t eat meat.
  3. i am lactose intolerant.
  4. i love tofu!
  5. my ring size and shoe size are the same – 5½.
  6. i’m not a coffee drinker at all… jamba juice is my starbucks.
  7. i didn’t get my ears pierced until i was 13 years old… i have two holes in each ear(lobe) but i almost never wear earrings.
  8. i have the chinese characters for “courage” tattooed on my right inner ankle.
  9. jon and i have the same birthday – september 1st – but i am one year younger.
  10. i am an only child, my parents are divorced, and i was raised by a single parent (mother).
  11. when i was little, i really wanted an easy-bake oven, but i never got one.
  12. i started baking when i was 3 years old.
  13. i’ve never watched titanic.
  14. i don’t know how to ride a bike!
  15. i don’t know how to swim.
  16. i wish i knew how to play the guitar.
  17. if i could live anywhere in the world, i’d like to live in hong kong.
  18. i have the symbol of the klingon empire tattooed on my back.
  19. when i was a kid, my mom tried to find me friends who liked playing dress-up and playing with makeup because she thought i wasn’t girly enough.
  20. i don’t like the color pink.
  21. i completed the wilton courses when i was 11 years old.
  22. i played softball in fifth and sixth grade.  my position was left field.
  23. i am near-sighted, and have to wear contacts/glasses.
  24. i have traveled canada, mexico, hong kong, china, japan, philippines, england, france, germany, italy, portugal, spain, morocco, hungary, netherlands, switzerland, denmark, belgium, and austria.
  25. i have never been to hawaii! (not outside of the airport, anyway.)
  26. my high school graduation was at the hollywood bowl.
  27. i own more than enough louis vuitton bags to carry a different one each week for a year without repeating.
  28. i never go out without putting on sunscreen.
  29. my “straight hair” is actually salon straightened… my natural hair resembles that of yoko ono.
  30. i don’t answer my phone if the number shows up as “unknown” or “private” on the caller ID.
  31. i’ve never watched an episode of friends, sex and the city, or desperate housewives.
  32. i always put on my right shoe/sock before the left.
  33. if i could have any superpower, it would be telekinesis.
  34. my toenails are always painted either black or purple.
  35. my favorite fruit is mango.
  36. my favorite ice cream flavor is chocolate chip cookie dough.
  37. i don’t like/appreciate flowers!
  38. i don’t like small dogs.
  39. i carry a knife in my bag.
  40. michelle kwan has bought me dinner.
  41. the only thing i put ketchup on is hash browns.
  42. i dip my fries in ranch dressing.
  43. i am not a fan of weddings.
  44. my favorite color is black.
  45. the first CD i ever bought was the soundtrack to dirty dancing. admittedly, i have never seen the movie.
  46. i have an annual pass to disneyland / california adventure.
  47. my favorite disney character is stitch.
  48. of the “disney princesses“, my favorite is mulan… incidentally, she is the only one who isn’t a princess. coincidence?
  49. my favorite pixar film is cars!
  50. i suck at taking care of plants. every plant ever given to me has died a sad, avoidable death.
  51. unless it’s a formal occasion or it’s about 30° outside (never in l.a.!), i am most likely wearing flip-flops.
  52. oddly, i get cold very easily. i have the cabin temperature of my car set to 77°.

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