Sunday, April 12, 2009 @ 10:14pm

los angeles, ca. UCLA. virgo. programmer/web developer. cooking/baking. web design. star trek. stampin’ up! crafty stuff. video games. american girl. louis vuitton. hoodies. flip-flops.

in food…
japanese curry. tofu. chinese. mediterranean. thai. cupcakes! jamba juice.

in music…
THE BEATLES. garbage. foo fighters. red hot chili peppers. nirvana. weezer. david cook. most everything on kRoq except for system of a down and the beastie boys (and kings of leon). bond.

in films…
action/adventure. rumble in the bronx. supercop. rush hour. indiana jones series. x-men series. lethal weapon series. john woo. the harry potter series.

in tv…
heroes. 24. sports. food network. iron chef america. good eats.

in sports…
los angeles lakers. kobe bryant. pau gasol. figure skating. michelle kwan. shen & zhao. evan lysacek. UCLA bruins. los angeles dodgers.

in pages…
the harry potter series. the joy luck club. shakespeare.

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