Saturday, October 11, 2008 @ 09:58pm

i finally got the chance to skating with shelly today at east west. i haven’t seen her in a while, nor have i gone skating in a while, so i was grateful for the opportunity. we decided that if we went to the rink every day for a month, we’d be back to where we were before we took our breaks. :-d

on the second floor, there is a memorabilia room where michelle’s medals, etc. are on display. i don’t think you can realize how much she has accomplished until you see all of it at once. it’s mind-blowing. all of the regional and sectional medals weren’t even laid out; they were just in a pile in one corner of a display cabinet. too be honest, i haven’t even watched a skating competition in its entirety since before the torino olympics. i just haven’t been that interested. :( coincidentally, the TV coverage had decreased dramatically. ABC and ESPN used to air all of the grand prix events (in addition to nationals and worlds). now, all we get this season is the women’s LP of skate america. how disappointing. the skating world needs another michelle kwan… but i’ll settle for someone almost as good as her.

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