so it would appear that my luck has run out

Thursday, February 18, 2010 @ 11:27pm

…and parking enforcement has finally caught up with me.


earlier this week, i had spent the entire day parked on campus WITHOUT a permit because i had moved it to my other car and then forgot to move it back. if i had noticed it in the morning, i could have just asked for a temporary permit, but i didn’t even realize it until the end of the day!! i always park head out (= more obvious if i don’t have a permit) and luckily, i didn’t get a ticket. %%-

later on, i went to go pick up some cupcakes, and parked my car in a metered lot. you’re supposed to note your space number, then pay for the space at an automated machine (that by the way takes credit card… gotta love beverly hills). stupid me, i put the wrong number and paid for someone else’s parking space. i realized when i got back to my car that the number on my receipt was not the same as the number of my parking space. #-o

so, after the laker game, we got back to the car and was greeted by a white envelope and slip timestamped 10:12p which was only a few minutes before we got there… and it wasn’t even for PARKING. it was because i don’t have a front license plate. UGH… REALLY?!?! X( unfortunately, i got my car from the dealer without a license plate mount on the front, and was not about to drill holes myself into my lexus. WTF is parking enforcement doing driving around at 10:00? :cens: meters stop running at 6:00. i guess the city is so hard up for cash that they have to LOOK for dumbest reasons to give tickets out.

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