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Friday, March 05, 2010 @ 07:06am

john park!! noooooooo!! =((

seriously, this guy was one of my favorites. i didn’t expect him to go all the way, but… BEFORE tim urban and at the same time as haeley vaughn?? really, america? wtf. (and i’m tired of the “you’re cute. people will vote for you.” UGH. :-L ) i hope he auditions again next year. i really do.

i’m starting to worry for katie, too… she seems to be the female version of him. GREAT voice… but unclear musical style and poor song selection. they keep telling her that the songs she picks are “too old” for her and suggested “someone under 20″… i don’t listen to much “pop” music so i honestly don’t know but wouldn’t that basically just leave her with miley cyrus and selena gomez? :-\ i’m not sure that‘s what i would want to hear her sing.

as for haeley, the only thing that surprises me is how she’s lasted this long. :-\

at least aaron and casey seem to be doing fairly well. B-)

how did i get sucked into this show again?

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