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Sunday, February 28, 2010 @ 08:16am

david cook

(this guy needs to have a concert every month… please? [-o< i had just seen him two months prior but that clearly isn’t enough!!?)

at the time i ordered my tickets, i was too cheap to pay to have them shipped to me (i love you david, but i hate paying shipping even more) and i didn’t want to do the ticketfast printable thing because i wanted to have actual tickets that i could keep for scrapbooking/packrat purposes. that left me with will call as the only other option. driver license, credit card, and order confirmation printout in hand, i went to go pick up my tickets. they looked under my first name initial, then under my last name initial, and… NO TICKETS! :-SS i almost had a panic attack… i stood there wondering “ok, now what?!?!” :-?? (meanwhile, jon was off playing blackjack somewhere but he did end up winning $20. :-bd LOL.) they eventually found my tickets, filed under the letter “J” which is nowhere in my name… and it wasn’t even there “by mistake” because the stapled tickets actually had “J” written in sharpie on the front. odd? :-/

so anyway,… and as it turns out that the concert was outdoors, in some kind of “tent”… thing. it had been raining, it was cold, and we were in one of the side sections (andy’s side) so it was wet too, because there was some water coming in underneath and creating puddles. i was wearing flip-flops (what i almost always wear) too, but that was my own fault so i’m not going to complain about that. the seats were folding chairs that were zip-tied together. a woman who was… not as petite as me… sat in the seat next to me, as well as in 1/3 of my seat. :| i was hoping that either: 1) when the concert started everyone would stand up, or 2) the seats to the other side of us would stay empty. both happened.

so he’d mentioned before that in the new year he’d try to get into shape and is working out and on some diet thing… :x he looked amazing… loved his hair and the way he was dressed and… yeah…

david cook

sometime during, an “event staff” lady went around asking the people to sit down. :-/ (um… really?? this is a rock concert.) there was no way she was going to get everyone to sit down… and there was no way the people wouldn’t just stand up again after she turned around and left. >:)

i apologize for the incoherent thoughts…

i was sort of… entranced? during the whole thing…

he sounds infinitely better LIVE than he does on cd. \m/

loved “i did it for you” and his @-) 8-> guitar solo… “heroes”… “come back to me”… “light on”… :x btw, i love “avalanche”… does he ever perform that live? :-/

he premiered a new song called “u and i” which i am assuming will be on the next album… i vaguely remember him mentioning that song title in an interview of his that i watched.

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