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Thursday, February 25, 2010 @ 09:02am

i have to ask… what is up with the song choices? it seems like 95% of the singers pick entirely the wrong kind of song. i like aaron’s and casey’s performances the best. the rest were either boring or cringeworthy.

aaron’s voice is amazing (for any age). wow. i’m so disappointed we didn’t have more performances like his.

speaking of disappointed, i expected better from john park. it wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t memorable and i think he’s capable of so much better. he has a GREAT voice. poor song choice again?

lee dewyze wasn’t bad but some parts of the song made me nervous… poor choice of music by andrew garcia… and i didn’t really like what he did with it.

so far, among the guys, casey james seems to be the complete package… nice voice, good looks, nice attitude… and to think, he almost didn’t make it through to hollywood.

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