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Wednesday, February 24, 2010 @ 08:22am

after having male winners two years in a row (and specifically, guy-guy finals for two years in a row), it seems that TPTB are pushing for a female to win this season. that’s unfortunate, as i’d been looking forward more to the GUYS tonight than i was the girls last night. katelyn was a big surprise for me. i probably enjoyed her performance the most. i also love katie’s voice but didn’t care for her song choice, but i’m hoping she’ll make better choices and i voted for her.

to be honest, i thought most of the show was a snooze and/or forgettable. (throughout the show, i kept thinking “angela is better than this person. she should’ve been here.” :( ) i don’t know why they kept saying the ladies’ field they had was stronger than the men. to be honest, i find most of the ladies either annoying or overdone, while there are three guys i really like, and five or six who i wouldn’t mind seeing win.

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