i wish plushenko would just shut up.

Friday, February 19, 2010 @ 10:40am

(he’s bad enough already with his mouth closed. :-& )

according to him, evan won because
1) plushenko already has an OGM, so evan needed it more
2) the competition took place in north america
3) the judges had it out for him

if it was just about landing a quad jump, you wouldn’t be out there on the ice for 4½ minutes. it’s not about a single element. it’s about the whole package. an NBA player doesn’t win MVP because just because he made a half-court shot.

i love 8-| the way people who clearly are either 1) bitter, or 2) don’t know anything about figure skating, are saying plushenko “got robbed”. ok, yes, he did a quad, but… SO WHAT? a figure skating medal is NOT won by A JUMP. his jumps/landings were shaky. his spins and footwork were sloppy. he skated as if all he had to do was show up. he has had some brilliant skates. this was not one of them. evan’s performance was first-rate. his jumps were solid. every element flowed from one to the next. his spins and footwork were precise. he skated with ferocity and with fire.

4:30 of brilliance > (poorly executed!) quad

and by the way, the quad is NOT A REQUIRED ELEMENT. (i guess most people don’t realize this.)

why can’t you admit that you were beat by a better man?

haven’t you ever heard of being “gracious in defeat” and “losing with dignity”?

get over yourself.

(and by the way, alexei yagudin is better than you. >:) HA!)

what a way to ruin someone else’s moment.

i feel bad for evan because rather than getting to talk about the skate of his life, he’s instead being asked about plushenko and his poor sportsmanship. in spite of everything, evan’s handled everything with class and dignity. go evan. so proud of you. **==

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