AI, hollywood week

Wednesday, February 10, 2010 @ 07:09am

(i can’t believe i’ve been writing about this… my life is so uninteresting.)

i’m disappointed that two of my early favorites (vanessa and justin) were cut, because i thought they really could have done better… as opposed to some of the others who i think shouldn’t have made it to hollywood in the first place (e.g., split pants guy, jersey sisters, etc.). ugh, i don’t like the “rocker” chick… :-& i hope she gets sent home sooner than later.

WHERE WAS JOHN PARK? although, i’m assuming he made it since he was included in a group of people who were jumping and screaming?

as this is my first season watching AI, what happens now? is tonight a continuation of last night (i.e., paring down of all the people who were sent to hollywood)? or is all that done and tonight is the following round? :-/ i honestly have no idea.

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