AI, atlanta auditions

Thursday, January 14, 2010 @ 07:17am

i like the vanessa girl from tennessee who jumps off bridges… dolly parton -type of voice. she seemed genuine and i thought she was adorable.

the “skii bo ski” guy was bizarre. o_O the guitar girl was just silly.

ROFL at dewone robinson “LAAAAADY I KNOWWWWW YOU” =)) i had a feeling when he started talking about how music was in his blood that he wasn’t going to be very good. “dewone, did you write that song as a duet?” “no sir, not a duet, sir” “you were singing both parts” “yes, i was singing both parts” HELLO, THAT IS A DUET. singing “it’s over, it’s over…” as he went down the elevator.

the welder from… mississippi(?)… “i almost died three times in the last… my whole life!” appropriately, mary was dying watching this guy’s performance. =)) “if anyone’s going to survive welding, it’s you”

the guy who was in love with mary j. blige and had an anger management problem… “LA LA LA LA LA LA”… it just kills me when someone has already been told they can’t sing, and then they insist on singing another song. i love the expression on simon’s face every time this happens.


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