ugh… got into a car accident

Wednesday, January 20, 2010 @ 05:05pm

i was driving down wilshire, when a woman decided to cross the street, and so i stopped for her. a car on the perpendicular street crossed the intersection (no traffic lights) and hit the back of my car. the impact was not immediately after i stopped, so i assumed that he wanted to cross the intersection and overestimated the amount of room he had. we both pulled over. i walked around to the back of the car to inspect the damage. the corner of the bumper on the driver’s side was scraped, and the casing of the light was cracked, but that was about it. from the THUD, i had expected the damage to be worse.

he crossed the street over to where i was and gave me his information. it seemed that english wasn’t his first language. there wasn’t much conversation going on, aside from things like “driver’s license?” as we were heading to our cars, he asked me “why did you stop?” i explained to him that i HAD TO stop because a woman was crossing the street. (so apparently, he didn’t see this woman! o_O ) if i hadn’t stopped, she might’ve ended up on my hood!

what i DON’T understand about this (…) woman is that in weather conditions with poor visibility, WHY would you cross the street (with no traffic lights) when there was a car approaching?! :-/ thankfully my scraped bumper and cracked light casing was the extent of the damage, and that no one was hurt.

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