the longest two (three?) days

Saturday, June 06, 2009 @ 06:44pm

so i finally got my hair straightened friday afternoon and evening. i say “afternoon and evening” because the process takes SIX HOURS… and after those six hours, you’re not allowed to WASH your hair, tie it back, tuck it behind your ears, or otherwise manipulate it in such a way that prevents it from hanging straight and loose. the rebonding chemicals apparently continue to work for 48 or so hours, so you’re not allowed to mess with it.

unfortunately, for some reason my head HURTS if don’t wash my hair every day so it’s really killing me right now. the good thing about all of this is that 1) i won’t have to do this for another year, and 2) i don’t have to look like yoko ono. anyway, my hairdresser told me that i can’t wash my hair until MONDAY night :-SS which would be three days… but previous times, she told me only two days. i may break and just wash it tomorrow night.

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