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Saturday, May 23, 2009 @ 07:02pm

(but apparently not enough of it… :-< )

jarron wants to watch this.

i was a little disappointed by this… i think jarron was, too. (although, if you asked him afterwards if he liked the movie, he’d say “yes”. :-/ ) during the movie, he kept asking where cecil (dick van dyke) was. there were a lot of characters in the first movie who we grew to love, and although they were in the sequel, they only had small roles. instead, a lot of new characters were introduced, who i didn’t really care for. this movie could’ve been so much better. i would’ve loved to see attila, sacajawea, etc. battling kahmunrah… and what happened to rebecca? she wasn’t even mentioned.

looking forward to up next… i have high hopes (no pun intended) for that.

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