worlds 2009, day 7

Saturday, March 28, 2009 @ 11:45pm

(i’m going from memory, so i apologize for the possible inaccuracy and the incoherent thoughts.)

USFSA luncheon… free food… met most of the USA skaters… it was so awesome… keauna is SO CUTE and tiny in person… there was a raffle and i won a USFSA tote bag signed by keauna and rockne… afterwards, i had keauna write my name on it…

there were a LOT of people… i was wondering when some strangers would sit with us… and yes, eventually an older woman asked if she and her friend could sit with us.

evan came later… didn’t realize what was going on until i heard loud cheering/screaming and i ran to the next room and sure enough, he was there…

saw a crowd of people all seeking evan’s autograph, but i decided i HAD to try… i waited for a while but it was well worth it. :)


shelly too went to get his autograph… i took their picture… i don’t know how long he stayed signing autographs but i think he signed for everyone who was there.

we saw jeremy abbott on the way out.

ladies’ FS…

the arena was FULL. where did all of these people come from? it looks as though the entire korean community of l.a. came!! B-)

01. yu-na kim (KOR) 207.71 :-O
02. joannie rochette (CAN) 191.29
03. miki ando (JPN) 190.38
04. mao asada (JPN) 188.09
05. rachael flatt (USA) 172.41

11. alissa czisny (USA) 159.78

yu-na kim

ladies medalists

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