worlds 2009, day 5

Thursday, March 26, 2009 @ 11:49pm

(i’m going from memory, so i apologize for the possible inaccuracy and the incoherent thoughts.)

went to shelly’s house around 11:30? took the dash to the staples center

men’s FS

denis ten (kazakhstan) was AMAZING… his performance was so inspiring. after his performance, he kissed the ice… i hope we get to see this guy again… i can’t believe he’s only 15 years old! :-O

denis ten (kazakhstan)

patrick chan – brilliant! i didn’t follow him much previously but he sure made me a fan tonight.
patrick chan (canada)

great job by samuel contesti… fun piece <):) a real showman – think kurt browning, ryan bradley…
samuel contesti (italy)

EVAN!!! i was just blown away by his performance… may have matched 2007 nationals “carmen”… LOVE him in a tux… :x
evan lysacek

brian didn’t do too well… fell on what should’ve been a simple jump for him… finished third overall… it was kind of disappointing…


**== seeing evan at the top of the medal stand, USA flag, hearing the “star-spangled banner” had me in tears. :((

men's medalists

flags from men's medal ceremony

01. evan lysacek (USA) 242.23
02. patrick chan (CAN) 237.58
03. brian joubert (FRA) 235.97
04. tomas verner (CZE) 231.71
05. samuel contesti (ITA) 226.97

09. brandon mroz (USA) 207.19
11. jeremy abbott (USA) 204.67

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