worlds 2009, day 4

Wednesday, March 25, 2009 @ 11:45pm

(i’m going from memory, so i apologize for the possible inaccuracy and the incoherent thoughts.)

work from home… yay! went to shelly’s house after working…

went to convention center for ladies’ practice… group 6: y. kim, n. kim, etc…

MK!!! ^:)^ kristi yamaguchi… caroline zhang (ADORABLE)



group 7: elene gedevanishvili, czisny, flatt… elene dissed shelly, lol… then shelly approached elene’s mom saying, “aw, i was trying to get elene’s autograph…” and she replied “thank you” :))

pairs’ FS…

US didn’t do so well… mclaughlin & brubaker finished 11th… when they were in the k&c after their FS, keauna said “sorry” to the camera, which made me go “aww…” :(

pairs’ result:
01. savchenko & szolkowy (GER) 203.48
02. zhang & zhang (CHN) 186.52
03. kavaguti & smirnov (RUS) 186.39
04. pang & tong (CHN) 181.08
05. mukhortova & trankov (RUS) 177.89

09. denney & barrett (USA) 156.84
11. mclaughlin & brubaker (USA) 143.74

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