worlds 2009, day 3

Tuesday, March 24, 2009 @ 11:41pm

(i’m going from memory, so i apologize for the possible inaccuracy and the incoherent thoughts.)

went to work as usual… went home to take a nap after work… waited for shelly’s call then headed to her house to pick her up.

parking for $15

forgot my phone in the car… ugh

pairs’ SP

shelly watched some of the pairs’ practice yesterday, so she was filling me in on what she knew about each pair (how they skated in practice, what kind of program, etc.)…

keauna mclaughlin (pairs' SP)

dan zhang & hao chang (china)

saw kristi pass by when i was in line for mcdonald’s… too bad i didn’t have my camera with me… or phone… or shelly…

standings after pairs’ SP:
01. savchenko & szolkowy (GER) 72.30
02. kavaguti & smirnov (RUS) 68.94
03. zhang & zhang (CHN) 67.42
04. mukhortova & trankov (RUS) 66.88
05. pang & tong (CHN) 65.18

09. mclaughlin & brubaker (USA) 53.62
10. denney & barrett (USA) 52.74

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