new toys!

Sunday, April 19, 2009 @ 08:31pm

so, while i was here at home splitting my time between throwing up :-& and trying to sleep off my pounding headache, jon ran some errands with the kids, and then came home with these for me:

my new toys

i’d been wanting damaged king for a while now but didn’t want to pay inflated prices at frank & sons. the other one, marco, jarron picked out for me and told jon i wanted (which i really did). :x

cars diecasts i wish mattel would make (or maybe they already have and i’m just completely clueless :-?? ):

  • ghostlight mater… there’s a ghostlight ramone – why isn’t there a ghostlight mater?? i imagine him with a frightened expression and of course the blue lantern hanging from his tow hook
  • damaged fabulous hudson hornet… like on the newspaper picture. :(
  • chick hicks fans mia & tia… they seem to have made every other mia & tia… except maybe for “car-hop” mia & tia, which i wouldn’t mind either.
  • dirt track doc hudson… or is there such a thing already? with dirt on the bottom and on the tires like the dirt track mcqueen has?
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