happy halloween!

Tuesday, November 01, 2011 @ 01:17pm

"i know what we're going to do today!"

earlier this year, jordan and jarron decided they wanted to be phineas and ferb for halloween. i’ve always dressed the kids in coordinating costumes, so i thought it would be perfect for jamison to be perry.

phineas, ferb, and perry

jamison as perry

of course i couldn’t find an infant-sized perry costume, so i made one. :) in fact, this is the first year that the kids aren’t wearing prepackaged halloween costumes. jordan’s (phineas) shirt was an orange/white shirt i picked up last summer. jon woke up early sunday morning to dye it yellow and re-launder it. i searched high and low for navy cargo preschooler shorts and finally found one on ebay. jarron’s (ferb) shirt is a light yellow uniform polo, and the pants are (girls’ :)) ) purple cords that i cut and cuffed. their converse sneakers, i think, are the best real-world equivalent of phineas’ and ferb’s shoes. i “spray-painted” their hair p&f’s trademark red-orange and green.

i’m already thinking about what they’re going to be next year… 8->

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