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Sunday, February 28, 2010 @ 08:16am

david cook

(this guy needs to have a concert every month… please? [-o< i had just seen him two months prior but that clearly isn’t enough!!?)

at the time i ordered my tickets, i was too cheap to pay to have them shipped to me (i love you david, but i hate paying shipping even more) and i didn’t want to do the ticketfast printable thing because i wanted to have actual tickets that i could keep for scrapbooking/packrat purposes. that left me with will call as the only other option. driver license, credit card, and order confirmation printout in hand, i went to go pick up my tickets. they looked under my first name initial, then under my last name initial, and… NO TICKETS! :-SS i almost had a panic attack… i stood there wondering “ok, now what?!?!” :-?? (meanwhile, jon was off playing blackjack somewhere but he did end up winning $20. :-bd LOL.) they eventually found my tickets, filed under the letter “J” which is nowhere in my name… and it wasn’t even there “by mistake” because the stapled tickets actually had “J” written in sharpie on the front. odd? :-/

so anyway,… and as it turns out that the concert was outdoors, in some kind of “tent”… thing. it had been raining, it was cold, and we were in one of the side sections (andy’s side) so it was wet too, because there was some water coming in underneath and creating puddles. i was wearing flip-flops (what i almost always wear) too, but that was my own fault so i’m not going to complain about that. the seats were folding chairs that were zip-tied together. a woman who was… not as petite as me… sat in the seat next to me, as well as in 1/3 of my seat. :| i was hoping that either: 1) when the concert started everyone would stand up, or 2) the seats to the other side of us would stay empty. both happened.

so he’d mentioned before that in the new year he’d try to get into shape and is working out and on some diet thing… :x he looked amazing… loved his hair and the way he was dressed and… yeah…

david cook

sometime during, an “event staff” lady went around asking the people to sit down. :-/ (um… really?? this is a rock concert.) there was no way she was going to get everyone to sit down… and there was no way the people wouldn’t just stand up again after she turned around and left. >:)

i apologize for the incoherent thoughts…

i was sort of… entranced? during the whole thing…

he sounds infinitely better LIVE than he does on cd. \m/

loved “i did it for you” and his @-) 8-> guitar solo… “heroes”… “come back to me”… “light on”… :x btw, i love “avalanche”… does he ever perform that live? :-/

he premiered a new song called “u and i” which i am assuming will be on the next album… i vaguely remember him mentioning that song title in an interview of his that i watched.

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AI, top 12 guys

Thursday, February 25, 2010 @ 09:02am

i have to ask… what is up with the song choices? it seems like 95% of the singers pick entirely the wrong kind of song. i like aaron’s and casey’s performances the best. the rest were either boring or cringeworthy.

aaron’s voice is amazing (for any age). wow. i’m so disappointed we didn’t have more performances like his.

speaking of disappointed, i expected better from john park. it wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t memorable and i think he’s capable of so much better. he has a GREAT voice. poor song choice again?

lee dewyze wasn’t bad but some parts of the song made me nervous… poor choice of music by andrew garcia… and i didn’t really like what he did with it.

so far, among the guys, casey james seems to be the complete package… nice voice, good looks, nice attitude… and to think, he almost didn’t make it through to hollywood.

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AI, top 12 gurls

Wednesday, February 24, 2010 @ 08:22am

after having male winners two years in a row (and specifically, guy-guy finals for two years in a row), it seems that TPTB are pushing for a female to win this season. that’s unfortunate, as i’d been looking forward more to the GUYS tonight than i was the girls last night. katelyn was a big surprise for me. i probably enjoyed her performance the most. i also love katie’s voice but didn’t care for her song choice, but i’m hoping she’ll make better choices and i voted for her.

to be honest, i thought most of the show was a snooze and/or forgettable. (throughout the show, i kept thinking “angela is better than this person. she should’ve been here.” :( ) i don’t know why they kept saying the ladies’ field they had was stronger than the men. to be honest, i find most of the ladies either annoying or overdone, while there are three guys i really like, and five or six who i wouldn’t mind seeing win.

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i wish plushenko would just shut up.

Friday, February 19, 2010 @ 10:40am

(he’s bad enough already with his mouth closed. :-& )

according to him, evan won because
1) plushenko already has an OGM, so evan needed it more
2) the competition took place in north america
3) the judges had it out for him

if it was just about landing a quad jump, you wouldn’t be out there on the ice for 4½ minutes. it’s not about a single element. it’s about the whole package. an NBA player doesn’t win MVP because just because he made a half-court shot.

i love 8-| the way people who clearly are either 1) bitter, or 2) don’t know anything about figure skating, are saying plushenko “got robbed”. ok, yes, he did a quad, but… SO WHAT? a figure skating medal is NOT won by A JUMP. his jumps/landings were shaky. his spins and footwork were sloppy. he skated as if all he had to do was show up. he has had some brilliant skates. this was not one of them. evan’s performance was first-rate. his jumps were solid. every element flowed from one to the next. his spins and footwork were precise. he skated with ferocity and with fire.

4:30 of brilliance > (poorly executed!) quad

and by the way, the quad is NOT A REQUIRED ELEMENT. (i guess most people don’t realize this.)

why can’t you admit that you were beat by a better man?

haven’t you ever heard of being “gracious in defeat” and “losing with dignity”?

get over yourself.

(and by the way, alexei yagudin is better than you. >:) HA!)

what a way to ruin someone else’s moment.

i feel bad for evan because rather than getting to talk about the skate of his life, he’s instead being asked about plushenko and his poor sportsmanship. in spite of everything, evan’s handled everything with class and dignity. go evan. so proud of you. **==

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so it would appear that my luck has run out

Thursday, February 18, 2010 @ 11:27pm

…and parking enforcement has finally caught up with me.


earlier this week, i had spent the entire day parked on campus WITHOUT a permit because i had moved it to my other car and then forgot to move it back. if i had noticed it in the morning, i could have just asked for a temporary permit, but i didn’t even realize it until the end of the day!! i always park head out (= more obvious if i don’t have a permit) and luckily, i didn’t get a ticket. %%-

later on, i went to go pick up some cupcakes, and parked my car in a metered lot. you’re supposed to note your space number, then pay for the space at an automated machine (that by the way takes credit card… gotta love beverly hills). stupid me, i put the wrong number and paid for someone else’s parking space. i realized when i got back to my car that the number on my receipt was not the same as the number of my parking space. #-o

so, after the laker game, we got back to the car and was greeted by a white envelope and slip timestamped 10:12p which was only a few minutes before we got there… and it wasn’t even for PARKING. it was because i don’t have a front license plate. UGH… REALLY?!?! X( unfortunately, i got my car from the dealer without a license plate mount on the front, and was not about to drill holes myself into my lexus. WTF is parking enforcement doing driving around at 10:00? :cens: meters stop running at 6:00. i guess the city is so hard up for cash that they have to LOOK for dumbest reasons to give tickets out.

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AI, top 24

Wednesday, February 17, 2010 @ 10:33pm

B-) for the most part, my favorites made it to top 24 so i’m happy…

aaron kelly
casey james
katie stevens
john park

however, i am disappointed that angela martin did not make it. i really think that was a wrong decision by the judges. :-q

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Saturday, February 13, 2010 @ 09:09pm

(…lack of it)

i decided to cut my hair before the new year. it used to be down to my waist, and now it’s a few inches below my shoulders. when the lady was done, there was more hair on the floor than there was on my head! needless to say, my head feels a lot lighter. :)

my long hair was sort of my “trademark”… i’m a little sad it’s gone, but hey, it’ll grow back.

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AI, hollywood week

Wednesday, February 10, 2010 @ 07:09am

(i can’t believe i’ve been writing about this… my life is so uninteresting.)

i’m disappointed that two of my early favorites (vanessa and justin) were cut, because i thought they really could have done better… as opposed to some of the others who i think shouldn’t have made it to hollywood in the first place (e.g., split pants guy, jersey sisters, etc.). ugh, i don’t like the “rocker” chick… :-& i hope she gets sent home sooner than later.

WHERE WAS JOHN PARK? although, i’m assuming he made it since he was included in a group of people who were jumping and screaming?

as this is my first season watching AI, what happens now? is tonight a continuation of last night (i.e., paring down of all the people who were sent to hollywood)? or is all that done and tonight is the following round? :-/ i honestly have no idea.

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