Thursday, July 31, 2008 @ 06:41pm


jon told me yesterday that he heard there was a cars exhibit at some museum. B-) (if you don’t know, cars is my favorite pixar movie. when i buy the toys, i have to hide them from jarron because he just assumes they’re for him!) after a bit of “research”, he discovered that the museum is our very own petersen automotive museum here in los angeles! jon asked me when i’d like to go. my response: “this weekend!” \:D/ as it turns out, lacma (which is across the street from petersen) is particpating in BofA’s museums on us program, so we’ll be checking that out as well. right now they have an exhibit of japanese art.

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a whole lot of shakin’ going on

Tuesday, July 29, 2008 @ 09:49pm

so there was an earthquake at 11:42 this morning. it’s been such a while since i’ve felt one that at first i wasn’t sure what was happening. :-/ i thought that maybe the people in the office upstairs were moving desks or filing cabinets or something. i later found out it was a 5.4 magnitude earthquake centered near chino hills. it didn’t feel so bad where i was, but jon said that at his work, panels were falling from the ceiling, and that the coffee mug of one of his co-workers fell off the table and onto the floor! :-o

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