i wish plushenko would just shut up.

Friday, February 19, 2010 @ 10:40am

(he’s bad enough already with his mouth closed. :-& )

according to him, evan won because
1) plushenko already has an OGM, so evan needed it more
2) the competition took place in north america
3) the judges had it out for him

if it was just about landing a quad jump, you wouldn’t be out there on the ice for 4½ minutes. it’s not about a single element. it’s about the whole package. an NBA player doesn’t win MVP because just because he made a half-court shot.

i love 8-| the way people who clearly are either 1) bitter, or 2) don’t know anything about figure skating, are saying plushenko “got robbed”. ok, yes, he did a quad, but… SO WHAT? a figure skating medal is NOT won by A JUMP. his jumps/landings were shaky. his spins and footwork were sloppy. he skated as if all he had to do was show up. he has had some brilliant skates. this was not one of them. evan’s performance was first-rate. his jumps were solid. every element flowed from one to the next. his spins and footwork were precise. he skated with ferocity and with fire.

4:30 of brilliance > (poorly executed!) quad

and by the way, the quad is NOT A REQUIRED ELEMENT. (i guess most people don’t realize this.)

why can’t you admit that you were beat by a better man?

haven’t you ever heard of being “gracious in defeat” and “losing with dignity”?

get over yourself.

(and by the way, alexei yagudin is better than you. >:) HA!)

what a way to ruin someone else’s moment.

i feel bad for evan because rather than getting to talk about the skate of his life, he’s instead being asked about plushenko and his poor sportsmanship. in spite of everything, evan’s handled everything with class and dignity. go evan. so proud of you. **==

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Wednesday, October 21, 2009 @ 04:57pm

:X andre ethier

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Sunday, April 19, 2009 @ 07:54pm

“the second best team in the west is the lakers bench.”
– jon barry

:)) =D>

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worlds 2009, day 8

Sunday, March 29, 2009 @ 09:39pm

(i’m going from memory, so i apologize for the possible inaccuracy and the incoherent thoughts.)

ladies’ “small medal” ceremony outside at star plaza… didn’t get any autographs. they went straight into staples center afterwards. i’m assuming this is because they had to go get ready for exhibitions.

yu-na kim


emily & evan

brandon mroz skated to elvis’ “jailhouse rock”

rachael flatt is so cute… i’m liking her more and more… she finished FIFTH at her first worlds!! skated to aretha franklin’s “respect”.

french ice dance couple… interesting… kind of cute, though.

samuel contesti… sinatra?

pang & tong… skated to “summertime”

mao asada… tango from scent of a woman… cute, very charismatic… looked like she was enjoying herself.

meryl & charlie… skated to queen?

tomas verner… skated to michael jackson… oh, boy… :))

kavaguti & smirnov… fun but cheesy…

miki ando… “bolero”

synchro… noticed there was a guy.


caydee & jeremy… skated to elton john’s “don’t let the sun go down on me”

alissa… “bridge over troubled water”

virtue & moir… “jack & diane”

brian… rufus wainwright’s “hallelujah”

zhang & zhang… andrea bocelli’s “canto della terra”… very nice.

joannie… skated to “die another day”… reminded me of MK’s “the world is not enough”

tanith & ben… “bleeding love”

patrick… andrea bocelli’s “time to say goodbye”?

yu-na… linda eder, “gold”

dominina & shabalin… skated to music from “the matrix”… complete with sunglasses, long black coats and everything

evan skated to… kanye west. lol. i’d never seen this before. i was hoping for something more along the lines of “sway”.

no savchenko & szolkowy… one of them had a high fever.

finale… evan in a lakers jersey! B-)

evan in lakers jersey for the finale

overall it was an excellent show… too bad it’s not televised.

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worlds 2009, day 7

Saturday, March 28, 2009 @ 11:45pm

(i’m going from memory, so i apologize for the possible inaccuracy and the incoherent thoughts.)

USFSA luncheon… free food… met most of the USA skaters… it was so awesome… keauna is SO CUTE and tiny in person… there was a raffle and i won a USFSA tote bag signed by keauna and rockne… afterwards, i had keauna write my name on it…

there were a LOT of people… i was wondering when some strangers would sit with us… and yes, eventually an older woman asked if she and her friend could sit with us.

evan came later… didn’t realize what was going on until i heard loud cheering/screaming and i ran to the next room and sure enough, he was there…

saw a crowd of people all seeking evan’s autograph, but i decided i HAD to try… i waited for a while but it was well worth it. :)


shelly too went to get his autograph… i took their picture… i don’t know how long he stayed signing autographs but i think he signed for everyone who was there.

we saw jeremy abbott on the way out.

ladies’ FS…

the arena was FULL. where did all of these people come from? it looks as though the entire korean community of l.a. came!! B-)

01. yu-na kim (KOR) 207.71 :-O
02. joannie rochette (CAN) 191.29
03. miki ando (JPN) 190.38
04. mao asada (JPN) 188.09
05. rachael flatt (USA) 172.41

11. alissa czisny (USA) 159.78

yu-na kim

ladies medalists

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worlds 2009, day 6

Friday, March 27, 2009 @ 11:33pm

(i’m going from memory, so i apologize for the possible inaccuracy and the incoherent thoughts.)

ladies’ SP (second half)

01. yu-na kim (KOR) 76.12
02. joannie rochette (CAN) 67.90
03. mao asada (JPN) 66.06
04. miki ando (JPN) 64.12
05. carolina kostner (ITA) 63.18

07. rachael flatt (USA) 59.30
14. alissa czisny (USA) 53.28

free dance…

USA didn’t win gold… russia did… can’t say that i really was surprised. (:|

01. domnina & shabalin (RUS) 206.30
02. belbin & agosto (USA) 205.08
03. virtue & moir (CAN) 200.40
04. davis & white (USA) 200.36
05. pechalat & bourzat (FRA) 194.36

11. samuelson & bates (USA) 174.76

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worlds 2009, day 5

Thursday, March 26, 2009 @ 11:49pm

(i’m going from memory, so i apologize for the possible inaccuracy and the incoherent thoughts.)

went to shelly’s house around 11:30? took the dash to the staples center

men’s FS

denis ten (kazakhstan) was AMAZING… his performance was so inspiring. after his performance, he kissed the ice… i hope we get to see this guy again… i can’t believe he’s only 15 years old! :-O

denis ten (kazakhstan)

patrick chan – brilliant! i didn’t follow him much previously but he sure made me a fan tonight.
patrick chan (canada)

great job by samuel contesti… fun piece <):) a real showman – think kurt browning, ryan bradley…
samuel contesti (italy)

EVAN!!! i was just blown away by his performance… may have matched 2007 nationals “carmen”… LOVE him in a tux… :x
evan lysacek

brian didn’t do too well… fell on what should’ve been a simple jump for him… finished third overall… it was kind of disappointing…


**== seeing evan at the top of the medal stand, USA flag, hearing the “star-spangled banner” had me in tears. :((

men's medalists

flags from men's medal ceremony

01. evan lysacek (USA) 242.23
02. patrick chan (CAN) 237.58
03. brian joubert (FRA) 235.97
04. tomas verner (CZE) 231.71
05. samuel contesti (ITA) 226.97

09. brandon mroz (USA) 207.19
11. jeremy abbott (USA) 204.67

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worlds 2009, day 4

Wednesday, March 25, 2009 @ 11:45pm

(i’m going from memory, so i apologize for the possible inaccuracy and the incoherent thoughts.)

work from home… yay! went to shelly’s house after working…

went to convention center for ladies’ practice… group 6: y. kim, n. kim, etc…

MK!!! ^:)^ kristi yamaguchi… caroline zhang (ADORABLE)



group 7: elene gedevanishvili, czisny, flatt… elene dissed shelly, lol… then shelly approached elene’s mom saying, “aw, i was trying to get elene’s autograph…” and she replied “thank you” :))

pairs’ FS…

US didn’t do so well… mclaughlin & brubaker finished 11th… when they were in the k&c after their FS, keauna said “sorry” to the camera, which made me go “aww…” :(

pairs’ result:
01. savchenko & szolkowy (GER) 203.48
02. zhang & zhang (CHN) 186.52
03. kavaguti & smirnov (RUS) 186.39
04. pang & tong (CHN) 181.08
05. mukhortova & trankov (RUS) 177.89

09. denney & barrett (USA) 156.84
11. mclaughlin & brubaker (USA) 143.74

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