so it would appear that my luck has run out

Thursday, February 18, 2010 @ 11:27pm

…and parking enforcement has finally caught up with me.


earlier this week, i had spent the entire day parked on campus WITHOUT a permit because i had moved it to my other car and then forgot to move it back. if i had noticed it in the morning, i could have just asked for a temporary permit, but i didn’t even realize it until the end of the day!! i always park head out (= more obvious if i don’t have a permit) and luckily, i didn’t get a ticket. %%-

later on, i went to go pick up some cupcakes, and parked my car in a metered lot. you’re supposed to note your space number, then pay for the space at an automated machine (that by the way takes credit card… gotta love beverly hills). stupid me, i put the wrong number and paid for someone else’s parking space. i realized when i got back to my car that the number on my receipt was not the same as the number of my parking space. #-o

so, after the laker game, we got back to the car and was greeted by a white envelope and slip timestamped 10:12p which was only a few minutes before we got there… and it wasn’t even for PARKING. it was because i don’t have a front license plate. UGH… REALLY?!?! X( unfortunately, i got my car from the dealer without a license plate mount on the front, and was not about to drill holes myself into my lexus. WTF is parking enforcement doing driving around at 10:00? :cens: meters stop running at 6:00. i guess the city is so hard up for cash that they have to LOOK for dumbest reasons to give tickets out.

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when it rains, it pours…

Tuesday, February 02, 2010 @ 09:14pm

UGH... WHY ME???

so, yeah, this has been a rough couple of weeks with regards to driving and all that…

so i was driving down wilshire, i hit a pothole, and my “low pressure” indicator turned on almost immediately. (“LOW pressure?” “NO pressure” would’ve been more accurate.) as it turns out, the passenger side front tire had a slit in it that was about 1″ long. there was no patching that…

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are you serious?

Saturday, July 11, 2009 @ 05:59pm

do you agree that there’s a point at which going “by the book” becomes RIDICULOUS?

(i keep my current driver license, along with insurance/reg. info, a little cash, etc. in a zippered pouch keychain attached to my car key, figuring that the only time i’ll ever really need it is when i’m driving. also, if i need to run a quick errand, and don’t bring my bag, everything i need is with me. i keep my previous driver license in my wallet because i’ve found that for everyday id purposes, it works fine. of course, if i’m applying for a bank account, or something of that nature, i make sure to bring my current driver license.)

i was making a credit card purchase at a joann store, and the cashier asked for my id. i showed her my old license and she asked me “do you have your current license?” i replied that i didn’t have it with me and she told me “i can’t accept this.” i asked her if she was serious. i said, “fine, let me just pay with cash.” she mumbled something about having to do the transaction over then said “let me go ask the manager.” she walked (slowly) to the back of the store and then walked (slowly) back. “she said it was ok.” i wanted to ask her “did she laugh at you?” /:)

the driver license has my name, my picture, and my signature. it identifies me, the person pictured on it, to be the person named on it, and shows that my credit card, which has the same name on it as the license, belongs to me. it was issued by the government. i did not create it in photoshop.

i had assumed that if a license is expired it means that i am not permitted to DRIVE with it, but apparently, it also means I AM NO LONGER THE PERSON ON IT. 8-}

did i mention that the purchase was for TWO DOLLARS?? yes, this woman was hassling me for a $2 purchase on a credit card that very clearly BELONGED TO ME. (of course, i should’ve probably paid in cash in the first place, but i like to use cc when i can and save my cash for vendors who don’t accept cc.)

either this woman has had a slow day, or she is miserable with her job and this is the only way she can feel important? :-??

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people suck

Monday, August 11, 2008 @ 09:39am

i lost my camera on saturday. #-o it was probably foolish of me to believe that someone would actually be HONEST and turn it in to lost & found. :-L i guess it really depends on how you were raised, because i could never bear to keep something i know ISN’T MINE… especially something i know the owner must be searching frantically for. i’m pretty sure i had left it at the hotel pool. i inquired at the pool kiosk, the hotel lobby, and the hotel lost & found. it’s a good thing i had copied all the pictures off on friday, since the camera can be easily replaced, but the pictures can’t. what really bugs me now is knowing that some sick :cens: has pictures of my kids.

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WHERE is my snapfish order??

Thursday, August 07, 2008 @ 03:35pm

so i placed a snapfish order on july 26th, it shipped on july 30th, and it’s STILL NOT HERE!! :-L meanwhile, the winkflash order i placed on august 01st (and shipped on the 04th), is sitting on my desk in front of me. i called customer service, with the hopes that they would offer to express-ship me a duplicate order, but no such luck. all i got out of it was “blah blah blah blah considered lost in the mail after 10 business days.” i told the guy, “ok, well then i’ll talk to you again in three days.” /:) (i don’t think he appreciated my sense of humor.) he said something about “recent promotion blah blah blah.” fine, but wouldn’t that only affect the length of time between when i placed the order and when it shipped, and not the time it takes for it to get here after they shipped it? :-/

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real gone

Monday, August 04, 2008 @ 09:11am

so, saturday morning i was really excited about going to see the cars exhibit at the petersen. when we got there, however, there was a sign at the counter that said the lightning mcqueen and mater were no longer there… isn’t that kind of a big deal?? i wish they had posted that on their website. :-L i was really looking forward to seeing the hudson hornet, too. to be honest, i’m not sure what was still there, but i was so sorely disappointed that i didn’t think it was worth it to pay the price of admission and see the same stuff we had seen before. jarron, though, seemed satisfied enough to see the cars toys in the museum gift shop.

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